Insurance Council of Texas
Covid-19 Resources

To help navigate information, ICT created this site to provide the public and insurance professionals with expert resources, top coronavirus news stories, and legislative and regulatory updates impacting the property and casualty industry.

These are unprecedented times; the insurance industry is consistently at the forefront of responding to catastrophic situations and our response will always weigh the health and safety of our policyholders, members, associates and employees.

The Insurance Industry Responds

By extending assistance to their policyholders, giving back to their communities through millions in charitable donations, and by remaining ready to cover claims as the Spring and Summer storm seasons approach, the insurance industry defines and demonstrates who we are during the coronavirus pandemic.

Media Highlights

We’re covering Texas and national outlets and updating daily. Read this week’s top stories about COVID-19 and its impact on the insurance industry. Find updates from government and local officials here.

Legislative, Regulatory and Litigation

Federal, state and local governments and regulatory bodies are working quickly to provide guidance and information about the insurance industry’s role in managing the COVID-19. Find executive orders, updates covering the impact of the coronavirus on the insurance industry as well as other critical information here.

Covid-19 Expert Resources

Helping you with information and keeping you safe – here are some reputable websites.
Find links to key COVID-19 stakeholders including: CDC, TDI, NICB, IICF, FBI and more.